Our mission starts with you.

Over 150 years of experience across a variety of disciplines

ClearSky Allied Health is an innovative and thriving allied health and support coordination organisation operating out of Brisbane with participants across Southeast Queensland and, through telehealth, nation-wide.

Our growing team represents over 150 years of experience across a variety of disciplines. Driven by our values of respect, integrity, resilience, collaboration, and excellence we bring a creative and tailored approach to developing solutions for our clients.

The ClearSky difference

Put simply, our team are the best in the field.
From the beginning you’ll know that ClearSky’s team are knowledgeable, hardworking, diligent, compassionate, and committed to your goals.
The quality of our work is reflected through a clear understanding of our purpose. We describe our purpose through ClearSky Allied Health’s vision, mission and values.


Our vision is that all people with disabilities are recognised for their contributions to society and are empowered to create their own futures.


Our mission is to be a leader in championing the unique value of our clients and to support their inclusion as part of their community.


The staff at ClearSky have changed my life, they support me, listen to me, and respect my wishes. Thank you so much for everything you do!
ClearSky client